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Posted on Feb 23, 2017 by in Design | 0 comments

nardi pop

It’s Nardi’s brand-new side table.

Actually it’s much more than that.

Yes, because POP, that’s the name of the innovative product designed by Raffaello Galiotto, is a multi-functional side table that can easily turn into a practical and funky stool, into an object holder or in an original base for any use.

Choreographic and multi-functional, POP features rigorous lines softened by its rounded shape and by the absence of sharp corners. Batch-dyed to lock in its shiny colours, it’s available in four different versions, matt finished: white, anthracite, dove-grey and coffee – classy colours suitable for every requirement and taste.

Thanks to its sleek design, POP can be perfect in every space, both outdoor and indoor, and for every use. Besides, thanks to its small size, is suitable also for balconies, terraces and small houses.

The chameleonic POP is made of anti UV-treated fibreglass resin. Non-toxic, anti-static, atmospheric effect resistant and easy to clean, this material doesn’t require any particular maintenance at the end of the season. Like all Nardi’s products, its entirely made in Italy and 100% recyclable.


To know more about it and to find your local agent, please visit our website.

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