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Storing your outdoor furniture at the end of the season: easy with Nardi

Posted on Nov 22, 2016 by in Arredamento | 0 comments

We are in the middle of Autumn and days spent outdoors are giving way to home relaxation and comfortable moments in the warmth of our own houses. How to manage the outdoor furniture during cold months?

It is time to place them in a closed space, protected from low temperatures, humidity and bad weather, and to give them the right maintenance. The goal? To find them when spring comes back again, ready to give maximum comfort and to show off an impeccable style.

Functional Nardi’s design, combined with the strength and versatility of a modern material such as resin, ensures that our outdoor furnishings represent the optimal choice even in the coldest season.


Find out why!


Maximum practicality in storage

The outdoor furniture Nardi are designed to provide maximum logistic performance not only during their use, in the hot seasons, but when they are stored during the cold period too. All our products are in fact stackable and many of them are equipped with mechanisms to fold up on themselves, taking up minimal space.

An example? The colourful Zac chairs and the Aquamarina armchairs, both foldable with a simple and automatic click, or the Spritz and Step tables, as well as the larger Alloro, Levante and Libeccio tables that can be easily disassembled to be placed in a practical and fast way.


Perfect resistance of resin

Nardi uses a material that is extremely dynamic and versatile, but highly resistant as well: in fact it is able to remain unchanged even when subjected to external stresses. Non-toxic and anti-static, the resin is not afraid of scratches and does not require special care in its maintenance: the furniture can be stored without any fear of damaging them and, when Spring comes, a simple cloth moistened with water is enough to have them as new. Another important detail: colors will be maintained from year to year more vivid and bright thanks to the industrial process used by Nardi that involves batch-dyeing and the introduction of anti-UV agents into the resin.


Do you need more information about the storage of furniture Nardi end of the season?

Comment on the blog or contact us: we will give you all the support you need.

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