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Nardi keeps growing: the new production plant

Posted on Nov 16, 2016 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

nardi impianto chiampo vicenza

Our story is first of all a family story which started about twenty-five years ago in the surroundings of Vicenza bringing Nardi’s design and #FeelingBetter Nardi all over the World. An unstoppable growth that today has made us reaching an important goal: the opening of a new high-tech production plant we’re very proud of.

The new plant is situated, along with the rest of the Nardi production chain, in Chiampo (VI) and officially started operating on 17th June this year and, when running at full capacity, it will enable the company to achieve a 50% rise in production and to react even more efficiently to the international demand.

Which are the specific plus of the new plant?


  • 8 production lines with large tonnage machinery;
  • 35 workers (when running at full capacity)
  • Best energy sustainability: it relies on a self-sufficient gas production plant to support the entire air-moulding system featuring latest-generation “hybrid” presses;
  • Lower environmental impact: a press/mould air cooling system that allows considerably less water usage;
  • Greater safety thanks to cutting-edge mould handling systems;
  • More efficiency thanks to a fully automated raw material storage and distribution system.


The opening of this site strengthens our relationship with the local territory where we are born and where we’ve grown up and become an innovative brand in the market of outdoor furniture, recognized all around the World.

Our production chain is zero-km: as Corrado Repele, Nardi’s Production Manager, says, “Nardi’s strategy is founded on re-investment in local territory and on total control of product quality”.

In this new plant we’re going to manufacture the latest products launched on the market by Nardi: keep following us to be updated on our news!

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