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Outdoor Tabletops: Laminate

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 by in Design | 0 comments

When it’s about outdoor tables it’s very important to choose the material for the top in the best and most conscious way, according to the specific needs and requirements. We’ve already considered the characteristics of DurelTOP (read here the article) and of Werzalit (we talked about it here), today we’re going to focus on Laminate observing its main aspects and strong points.


What’s Laminate?

Mostly used for the coating of furniture and worktops, laminate is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. For furniture elements HPL laminate (High Pressure Laminate) is the most common typology, made of several sheets of paper that get bonded together using high pressure presses: this material is highly scratch-resistant as well as water- and humidity proof.


Which is its main strength?

The main plus of laminate is with no doubt its extremely light thickness, which distinguish it from other materials and ensures a high malleability and flexibility in the application, without giving up to a considerable strength and resistance. Laminate appears as a smooth and compact material which is able to remain unaffected, even is case of external stresses or strains. Waterproof and hygienic, it’s available in a wide range of colours and decorations.


In Nardi’s catalogue, laminated tabletops are available in many different chromatic options, from white to avana, from dove-grey to anthracite. Find out on the website all the table structures they can be applied to!


Write or comment here on the blog to get all the information about laminate tabletops.

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