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Materials for the garden table. Focus on metal

Posted on Jul 14, 2016 by in Arredamento, Design | 0 comments

Third and last part of our focus on different materials for the garden table. After resin and wood today we get closer to the features of metal. Why choosing this material? Which are the issues to consider in the decision process? Here Nardi’s answers.


Classy and unbreakable

Metal distinguishes itself for a particular timeless aesthetic: a material which is part of the tradition and which communicates a sense of elegance and class that goes beyond every trend. A metal table builds up the imagination of romantic and sophisticated gardens and reminds us at first sight to the mood of the English gardens in the XIX Century, made of flowering glasshouses and elegant structures in wrought iron. A refined character meant to last: a table made of metal is strong, solid and long lasting.


Hard maintenance

A metal table can be difficult to manage and not very practical. First of all because of its weight: lifting or moving a table made of this material can be pretty hard and not easy. Moreover its maintenance faces the risk that external agents and rust could damage it.


Once again, resin can represent a valid option offering a solution to these critical points. In Nardi’s catalogue, for example, Libeccio table reminds the classic design of iron tables even if it’s made of polypropylene DurelTOP with UV additives and uniformly coloured (only its legs are made of coated aluminium). The advantages? It’s easer to clean, lighter to move, it resists sun and water.


Visit our website to find out Libeccio and the other tables by Nardi.

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