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Future is in plastics

Posted on May 4, 2016 by in Arredamento | 0 comments

sedie plastica

Plastics, Ben. There’s a great future in plastics” – we’re in 1967 and the young Ben Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) received this advice in the movie “The Graduate”. We must admit it: the intuition of the film director Mike Nichols was brilliant, a real prophecy of a new world. A deep transformation: things are not connected to tradition but created for their function.

Well, what was the “new World” at that time it’s real today. Let’s focus on design and on one-material chairs which are entirely made of plastics.

Comfortable, practical and most of all used outdoor, today plastic seats have entered also indoor.

Classy shapes, bright colours and design run together with handiness, comfort and functionality. Strong and light weighted, varnished or transparent, these chairs are all-around furniture items that can perfectly decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Not anonymous at all, plastic chairs have become fundamental elements to light a boring corner up or to balance the colours of eclectic rooms.

In the living room, in the kitchen but also on your terrace or in your garden. Plastic chairs will always find their place. In & out, Nichols was totally right: future is in plastics!


And you, would you have plastic chairs indoor?

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