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How to choose the right stool?

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 by in Arredamento | 0 comments

Lido Faro Nardi

Indoor or outdoor, stools are more and more protagonists in our furniture choices. We can find them in our kitchens and living rooms, around kitchen islands and carts, but also in our gardens or terraces matched to our outdoor tables.

When choosing the perfect stool, as well as every other piece of furniture, it’ important to consider some important aspects and to take the right decisions. Today we’d like to give you some advice for choosing the best stool for you needs: these are the questions you should give an answer!


How high should a stool be?

The height of you stool can change according to the height of the table, cart or bar it’s matched to. Normally there should be a distance of 25 and 35 cm to the stool seat and the table, in order to prevent annoyance or discomfort. Consider that if you want to match your stool to a kitchen bar or kitchen island it should have a seat 60-65 cm high; that’s why, for example, we’ve designed Faro Mini, a smaller version of Faro (66 cm instead of 76 cm) which can be perfect indoor!

With or without back?

There isn’t a specific rule, the choice is up to you. You can choose according to your needs, comfort and basing on what you like. Generally people prefer a stool with back if they use it daily, let’s think about for example at kitchen or bar stools. But if you use it occasionally, you can go for a simpler and more essential model. You can also choose between different types of back: high backs are perfect for high tables, while low backs are lighter and less bulky, just like our Lido stool.

Which material to choose?

Our advice is to choose stools made of resistant and easy to clean materials. The plastic can be a great solution: it is an extremely resistant and reliable material over time, hygienic because it is very simple to clean, with no need of  particular or specific products, and flexible because it can be used both indoor and outdoor.


In Nardi’s catalogue find the new Lido and Faro stools: they’re stackable stools, made of top-quality resin, anti-UV treated, ultra resistant to atmospheric agents. The non-toxic, anti-static and 100% recyclable resin is easy to clean and requires no particular maintenance work.

Stools are totally cool both indoor and outdoor: where have you placed them?

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