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How to furnish a bar: design tips

Posted on Feb 11, 2016 by in Arredamento | 0 comments

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In Nardi’s catalogue you can find not only many colourful solutions for your gardens and terraces, but also many ideas for the Contract world: there are many restaurants, hotels and resorts, exclusive bars and clubs all over the World that have chosen our products for their indoor and outdoor areas.

Some examples? In Rio De Janeiro, in the Pomar Orgânico Restaurant, in the classy Ammos Beach Club on the Island of Kos in Greece or in Panama, in the Capressa restaurant in Panama City.

But which are the main rules to follow when choosing the furniture and decorations of a bar? Let’s find them out together!


Which style for our bar?

First of all it’s important to define very clearly the identity we want for our bar, because only in this way we can decide how we can furnish it and which elements cannot be missing.

An example: are we furnishing a café or a cocktail bar? If it’s a coffee bar we should emphasize a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, maybe arranging a reading area. Avoid high stools and tables, those are perfect for a cocktail bar.


Which are the main areas of the bar?

It’s important to organize our bar in different areas, at least three:

  • the bar area: the bar must be protagonist, functional bout most of all attractive. Do you already know our Lido and Faro stools? They’ll give a touch of style to the bar!
  • the tables area: manage this zone in a practical and functional way. Design and appearance are ok, but you should think also to the practicality of this area. An advice? Place the tables laterally so that you’ll have more space for people at the bar!
  • the relax area: armchairs and pouffes can give life to a sort of “living room” where people can feel at home in you bar!


The most important tip: always choose high-quality products for professional use.

Our products are made of top-quality resin batch-dyed and anti-UV treated, easy to clean, non-toxic, anti-static, produced entirely in Italy and 100% recyclable. Besides most of our products can be used both indoor and outdoor, for the maximum of handiness and convenience!


Do you own bar? Which are the furniture choices you’ve made?

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