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DIY candles: how to make it?

Posted on Oct 9, 2014 by in Complementi d'arredo | 0 comments

Candele sospese fai da te

Have you seen this wonderful country set with our coffee brown Alloro table under a romantic vineyard?

DIY Hanging Candles

Alloro Table by Nardi

The hanging candles create an evocative atmosphere, perfect for a special night and filled with emotion.

How to make hanging candles made of glass: today we talk about that in our blog!

You can buy candle-holders in every DIY store. For a touch of originality, you can make customised candles by choosing them in different colours and in funny shapes and, why not, perfuming them with your favourite fragrances.

For greener DIY candles, you can re-use pots, bottles or glasses you don’t need anymore. Try to mix jars of different heights and shapes! If you want to set a very cheerful and happy mood, try with coloured-glass objects!

Now you just have to hang your beautiful home-made candles from the branches, as if they were lanterns. Use wire to fasten the handles on the lowest branches, and let them fall at different levels, over and around your table.

Light them up at dusk, the atmosphere will really be unique!

How many of you have already tried?

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