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How to perfectly decorate your garden table

Posted on Jun 17, 2014 by in Arredamento | 0 comments

There’s no better way to spend these first summer nights but sitting with your best friends around a table, don’t you agree? Since summer started we’ve started off with the first outdoor dinners and we can have fun by making delicious menus and fresh cocktails to be served in the garden.

How to set up an outdoor lunch or dinner table?

First of all, get ready to welcome our friends: it’s time to extend our garden table! A very simple action if you’ve chosen our ALLORO EXTENSIBLE table by Nardi, that hides its extension (6 to 8 places) just under the tabletop thanks to a locking lever. An easy and quick mechanism which is perfect even for the most… crowded dinners and lunches!

Tavolo Alloro

Tavolo Alloro

When setting up the perfect table no detail should be left to chance, from the menu to the decorations. It’s important to choose the style you wish your dinner to have: floral, marine, country or picnic style? This is the first important decision to take. Once you do that, you should choose the main colour of the table and define the details, from the napkins to the decorations.

Whatever your style, do not give up to a table cloth or runner. Nothing too invasive, choose sober colours and light fabrics that perfectly match to the nice summer breeze. The accessories will then give life to the style and colour we’re looking for. From the underplates, that could even be just simple placemats, to the glasses and cutlery, that in this case shouldn’t be too formal.

And then? Have fun with place cards and centrepieces!

Have you chosen the floral theme? Put a fresh flower, decorated with a ribbon or presented in small glass bottles for each tablemate, it will give a touch of freshness and elegance even to the simplest tables. Do you live in the countryside but the sea is always in your mind? Spread on the table some shells or make a shell composition for a beach mood. If you love the country style just put on the table some ceramic carafes, wrought iron lanterns or a wicker basket.

Do you want to end with a bang?

At the end of the dinner give your guests some simple gifts… you’ll amaze them!

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